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Eco Travelling in the Green Portuguese Azores

February 12, 2016 0 Comments

Eco Travelling in the Green Portuguese Azores


A group of islands, created by Mother Nature as a gift for us. Every single island is unique and special but their greatness and beauty bonds them together.


Where to sleep in the Azores, Portugal?

So many islands, so much variety, so very green...
Choosing the island and hotel will be the only hard part of your vacations.
 Forte Angra do Heroismo Quinta do Martelo
Angra do Heroísmo
Country Houses
Terceira / Azores


Where to eat in the Azores, Portugal?

In the Azores there aren't many fancy restaurants. Most of the restaurants you'll find
are very homey, simple and run by friendly people. You have few vegetarian restaurants
however the welcoming people will put you together a nice veggie meal if you ask.
Fornos de Lava Rotas da Ilha Verde
Veg. Friendly Restaurant
São Jorge
Vegetarian Restaurant
Ponta Delgada


What to do in the Azores, Portugal?

So many activities to choose from... you will wish there were more hours in the day...
 Geoparque Mynatour Visit Azores

Do you want to browse through the other regions? Be our guest...


North Oporto Center Lisbon
Alentejo Algarve Madeira


Eco Travelling in Portugal


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