Want to Embrace Minimalism? Our Wallets Can Help

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How Your Corkor Wallet Can Help You Become a Minimalist

The right wallet can really help or hinder your transition to a more minimalistic lifestyle. It might seem like a small, insignificant object, but as César Ferradas pointed out in the latest video of his Vegan Speak YouTube channel, the right choice of minimalist wallet can really help along the road to a more purposeful life.

As more and more people are trying to shift towards a more minimalistic lifestyle, be it in their approach to life in general, be it in their approach to daily life objects, let’s see how a minimalist wallet can help put you on the right track. If you, too, want to eliminate or reduce superfluous “stuff”, live a more purposeful life and make time and space for what truly matters to you, you’ll want to see this video.

Courtesy of César Ferradas, from Vegan Speak

0:01 Welcome back to a new video! This time around I'm going to do something a little bit different and that is…I'm going to be talking about minimalism. Since the first video I did about minimalism and why I became a minimalist that I've got a lot of questions of people saying “Hey do more videos about minimalism, I'm interested in how to live more simply!”, so I've decided to start doing these videos.

0:24 It's going to be a series, if you want to call it like that, if you want to be fancy about it, on how to become a minimalist and how to simplify your life.

0:34 Each video is going to have a topic. I'm going to do videos about clothing, about food, about your room — what you have in your room — how to buy stuff that’s minimalist and stuff like that.

0:41 Obviously I'm also learning along the way, so I'm just going to share my findings with you guys. The first video I want to do today is to introduce the whole thing. It’s something small, but I think it's important and a lot of people don't talk about it — it's about what you carry with you and, in this case, your wallet.

0:57 The reason I want to talk about wallets is because I recently got a new wallet, vegan of course, and I want to talk about them as well, and review them.

1:03 I had one before, for two years and now I've got a new one. So let's just talk about what you should carry with you, in your wallet, in your pocket.

1:14 Mine boils down to a few things: cards, you know credit card or debit card, in my case I have two, because I have a Peruvian one and a British one that I both need to use in the UK for different things, some cash — I usually don't carry cash, but sometimes I end up having to carry cash, a travel card and ID — that's it. That's basically all you need in your wallet.

1:33 If you need something else that you use less frequently, let's say every month, or every time you go shopping, you don't need to carry it with you every time you go out. I’ll show you really quickly. 

1:42 So this is a new wallet, I got it from Corkor, I'll put a link in the description to all of these products, and I just have my ID and my two credit cards. Below I have my oyster card, which is a travel card that I use here in the UK, and then, in the other compartment, I got some cash — and that's it!

2:03 And look how thin it is, right? And I can carry this easily in my front pocket or in my back pocket, or if I'm carrying a backpack, I'll  just put it in my backpack.

2:13 I never go out and actually have to use something that isn't here; if I did it would be in here. That's another thing about minimalism; you’re trying to live with purpose, right? So, if something had a purpose you would have it in this wallet, but most things don't actually have a purpose in your everyday life and don't add value to your life, so why carry something that won't add value to your day, right?

2:34 So, this is all I need, I've never gone out to a place and be like “Oh, I should have brought that, or that or that”. Yeah, that's really all you need and I encourage you guys to get your wallets now and check. Take everything out that you don't use, or that you haven’t used in the last three weeks and then only keep the things that you actually use or have used in the last couple of days and separate them.

2:55 They are probably going to end up being like six cards maximum and some cash. Then go out and live your life like that and see what happens. If you actually still go “Oh, I should have probably brought this but I don't have it”, then tell me. Maybe I messed up, right? (Laughter) But if not, you’ll see how much easier it is.

3:11 Just to add to this topic, I want to talk about a particular brand of wallets, a particular company that makes vegan wallets that are really cool, they are called Corkor. I’ve had two of their wallets throughout the last two years. The first one I got was this one  and this was the one that actually made me want to start minimizing my life. Before, I had a normal folding wallet with a lot of compartments and like a coin pocket, and all that stuff.

3:37 It was like “Alright, I can carry more stuff, so I will!” and then, when I want vegan, and also because I didn’t want to spend much money on a wallet, I bought their minimalist wallet, which is, I think, the cheapest one they have, but it's actually really good.

3:48 So, I bought this and I was like “Okay, now I need to carry less stuff. So, what do I want to carry in this thing?” And I didn't have any compartments, so you can see it's only like three slots: one in the middle and two in the sides. So I decided to remove everything I didn't use and start using just this.

4:04 So I had my two cards here, two credit cards (one debit and one credit, sorry) here, my ID, maybe my student ID as well, and at the back some cash and my oyster card, which is the travel card I use and that's it. That's all I carry for the last two years!

4:21 I think this wallet was really great because it introduces me to simplifying my life and my wallet. Second of all, it has lasted two years — I mean it’s still perfect like it’s still in good condition; I could still continue to use it. The material hasn’t rubbed off: they’re made of cork — they’re really good — and it’s absolutely fine.

4:38 The only reason I bought this one, was because I wanted my cards to be covered completely. In this one, they come out a bit from the actual packet, whereas in this one they are actually completely covered here in the corners, right? I like that more.

4:53 And I said to myself “I’m going to buy this one, but I'm going to still apply the same concepts I applied with the old one. Just carry things I actually need”. From this one to this one, I haven't added anything. The things I carried in here are still here. Of course, it's a little bit bigger, so you can say it's a little bit less minimalist, but I can't stress enough how minimalism isn't about depriving yourself of stuff.

5:18 It isn’t like “Oh, you have X number of things, that’s too much!” It's about using only what you need and will actually add value to your life, so now with this one… I love this wallet, covers my cards completely, I like the color as well, it’s black. I love this wallet, actually, when it arrived I was like super happy about it.

5:34 Yeah, I will just say go check them out. I think it's really important to support vegan companies. Shout out to Corkor for producing great wallets! Yeah, so let me know in the comments what you think. If you like this series that I'm going to start if you liked this video.  I know it’s more about wallets, but it does tie into the philosophy of minimalism, in a small way.

5:56 So, even if you don't want to go the full way of being a minimalist, you can start by simplifying your wallet, and therefore simplifying your day-to-day, because it's something you carry all the time, right? And that's it! Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it,if you want more videos like this, if you like these wallets. If you get one, let me know which one you bought, as I said I love them so much! Thank you very much for watching, guys. See you!


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