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  • The Best Ecotourism Destinations in Portugal

    February 12, 2016 3 min read 0 Comments

    The Best Ecotourism Destinations in Portugal | Corkor


    "I am Vegan / Vegetarian / Eco-conscious and I'm planning a travel to Portugal…"

    Thinking of you, we decided to do this post so that, when you come to Portugal, you can feel you’ve had one of the best vacations and experiences ever.

    This listing is not closed nor complete, far from that. In fact we are counting on you to help us improve it. If you have any suggestions you believe that should be mentioned here, we would really appreciate your contact.

    If you are thinking about making your first eco travel but you're still not quite certain on what that is and what are the standards you should look for, we believe these websites might give you some answers.


    Eco Club               TIES
    "Mutual aid network for an ecological & equitable tourism"
    International Ecotourism Club
    "Uniting Conservation, Communities and Sustainable Travel"
    The International Ecotourism Society

    Where can I go and what can I do in Portugal?

    If you are still thinking about where on Portugal you should travel to and you worry about the impacts of modern day’s tourism, we have compiled a list of websites where you will be able to find ecologically respectful options that will certainly fit your needs, desires and tastes.

    Do you like the beach or do you favor visiting museums? Do you like your holidays to be active or do you prefer to just sit and relax? We have it all in Portugal and you will feel really welcome, no matter what you prefer to do or to what part of our country you choose to travel.

    The Azores, for instance, was distinguished by the Green Destinations website as the Most Sustainable Destination in Europe in 2014, two other Portuguese destinations made it to the top 10 and another 3 beautiful Portuguese places are among the world's top 100.

    Portugal is, in fact, a very small country however, we have such variety in landscapes, culture and activities that you will be amazed.

    In the under listed websites you will find lots of good options for your travel, just browse through them and you will most definitely find what you were looking for (even if you didn’t know what it was).


      Book Different Eco Tours Portugal Go Discover Portugal
    Green Green World
    Green Stays
    Portugal Ecotourism
    Pure Portugal
    Responsible Travel
    Wherever Nature
    Wwoof Portugal
    bike tours portugal
    top walking tours
    Organic Farms
    Bike Tours
    Top Bike Tours Portugal >>

    Walking & Hiking tours


    Where can I eat in Portugal?

    Now, for the yummy part...

    Vegetarianism and veganism is universally growing, probably due to a higher food and environmental awareness.

    With this, the industry and commerce began to be more aware and thoughtful and you can find several options for eating of shopping worldwide.

    However, sometimes, these options are not properly advertised and you end up ruining what could have been the perfect vacations because you couldn’t find a good place to eat.

    We have compiled an extensive list of restaurants that are Vegan, Vegetarian or Veg. Friendly and you can find them in each region specific post . We truly believe you will have good eating experiences while in Portugal, however, if you need, the Restaurante Terra has made a small dictionary for Vegans and Vegetarians. Also, most of the Portuguese traditional food has meat or fish, but among the side dishes you might find some delicious surprises.

    Some franchisings will supply you with good veggie and vegan food and they have several stores spread through Portugal. 


    Celeiro Joshua's Shoarma Vitaminas
    Health Store
    International Food
    Salads & Sandwiches
    Wok to Walk
    International Food

     Browse by region

    Now, if you already have an idea on where you're travelling to, you can go directly to the region of your preference. On the other hand, if you are still uncertain, you can browse through all of them and see what suits you better.


    North Oporto Center
    Lisbon Alentejo Algarve
    Madeira Azores