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  • The Definitive Men's Cork Wallet Guide

    November 12, 2020 8 min read 0 Comments

    The Definitive Wallet Gift Guide | Corkor

    The perfect cork wallet for every men exists and it’s a bit like the truth…it’s out there. Wallets are a staple for a reason; they are useful, they are sophisticated and they get worn out a lot. Having an excellent quality wallet is a must for every man nowadays. Far from being a foolproof gift – so many preferences to account for – it certainly is a favorite. Being a favorite doesn’t make it any easier to choose the right one, though. The wallet you choose depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences, but when you’re choosing one for somebody else, what should you consider?

    So let’s start. To choose the right wallet you need to first know what kind of wallets there are, what are their main features and who are they suitable for regarding lifestyle and other preferences. Ready to dive in the wonderful world of men’s wallets? Here we go:


    Bifold Wallets

    A bifold wallet is, to put it simply, a rectangle folded in half, and the most common wallet type there is. It’s in the billfold category, which means it’s meant to carry notes and bills. The design of a bifold wallet determines if the notes will need to be folded over or not – not all bifolds require it. Hint: that’s a concern for some men! Credit cards and identification cards can be stored in slots, both horizontally or vertically, depending on the models. Some bifold even include a coin pocket for conveniently carrying some change. Clasps, zippers or some other form of closure are a rare sighting in any bifold (or any other “grown-up wallet”, really) as it would deter from the aesthetics.

    Bifolds are perfect for…
    If you are unsure about your purchase, choosing a bifold is a safe bet.
    It’s the most usual and classical model, and it would be very hard to find a man who wouldn’t put it to good use. Having said that, there are some questions to keep in mind:

    Overall slimness or thickness
    Some men prefer the traditional model, no matter how thick it might get, because they enjoy having all things at hand all day, every day. Others are much more rigorous when it comes to their pocket real estate, preferring slimmer versions that still provide good storage. It really is a question of assessing your dad’s style and personality: does he like to carry everything all the time or is he willing to compromise for the sake of lightness?

    Number or card slots
    Some men don’t like having to prioritize the amount of cards they carry with them: some because they can’t, others because they are unwilling. Keep this in mind when choosing the model, and check if the number of card slots available is sufficient for dad’s needs. Take a pick at his current wallet if you need to.

    Top compartment availability
    Having a top compartment makes it easier not to fold notes, receipts or other documents. If that’s a concern of dad’s, make sure to choose a model that offers one, just to be one the safe side.

    Front pocket or back pocket?
    Your dad can carry a bifold in his front or back pockets. If carried in front, they'll likely bend and not cause discomfort while sitting. Since cork is adaptable and “bouncy”, it will take on the shape of the wearer's body.



    passcase wallet


    Passcase Wallets

    Not all bifold wallets were created equal. Some were created with an extra pouch, known as a Passcase. In short, a removable “mini bifold” wallet of its own, featuring an ID window and in some cases, a credit card slot. The beauty of this design is that it combines the advantages of the bifold, with the opportunity to carry an ID card, a public transport pass, a driver’s license or any other card you’ll need to be frequently displaying, without any inconvenience. The removable flip ID window makes it a lot easier to do so. Plus, it can be worn as a standalone on the weekends, to carry just the essentials.

    Passcase Wallets are perfect for…
    If Dad frequently uses public transportation or needs to show ID or any other card to access buildings, a Passcase wallet might be a good idea.

    Overall slimness or thickness
    Being bifolds, passcase wallets are still pretty compact constructions that can have as much or as little cards slots and compartments as any other bifold, while still having an extra removable flap. If the ability to display cards is important for dad, it might justify the slightly more corpulent body of the wallet.

    Two in one
    Since the ID flap is removable you can use it only when it’s necessary or you can even keep it as an ultra-minimalist wallet for the weekend. Without its extra component, a passcase wallet is just a regular bifold, so choosing this model might give dad some extra options.



    Travel wallets

    A travel wallet is specifically designed to accommodate your passport, boarding pass, tickets, itinerary or hotel booking information, or even foreign currency, and keeping them safe and accessible, at all times. A cork travel wallet has additional protective properties, due to the cork’s own characteristics. It’s a natural, lightweight traveling companion, but also a water repellent, stain resistant protective outer layer for the documents. A passport wallet will also have room for cards (card slots) and money (compartments). This keeps dad from having to transport more than one wallet when traveling. 

    Travel Wallets are perfect for…
    If dad’s a traveler, you’ve got yourself a safe bet and an opportunity to impress with a unique travel wallet Hint: if your parents are planning a trip, it might be a good idea too. In general, if your dad is a businessman, jumps between countries and spends a lot of time in airports, he will need a travel wallet to make his life easier. 

    Overall slimness or thickness
    Travel wallets are intended to be very, very slim, as we don’t want to add any more strain to the already stressful process of navigating airports and dealing with a lot of traveling. Everything is well organized, and falling in to place, to guarantee that when the time comes, what dad needs will be at hand.

    Water repellent
    When traveling, you will experience a lot of different climates, and it’s good to know that whatever your dad takes inside is travel wallet will be safe from the elements.


    Slim Wallets are all the rage right now. We are seeing a shift towards a more minimalistic approach to life, and that has profound repercussions, even in the wallet you choose. People want to rid themselves of superfluous things, and carry exactly – no more, no less – what they need. There is a spectrum of slim, so to speak, that goes from the slim wallet to the ultra-minimalist design. We’ll cover those later on this guide. 

    Slim wallets are perfect for…

    If you sense dad is one of those people making the transition towards a lighter day to day life, a slim wallet might be just perfect. Depending on the configuration chosen, you might get more or fewer cards slots and compartments. With that in mind, dad might not even have to compromise that much on the number of cards and cash he carries.

    Overall slimness (no thickness)
    Your dad will leave the bulky days behind, for good. With a slim wallet, there’s no extra bulk or weight in his pocket, just comfortable use throughout. Cork is an adaptable material with somewhat “bouncy” properties – this is what allows it to take on the shape of its wearer's body. That’s also what makes it comfortable, either as a front or a back pocket wallet.  


    No room for coins
    If you feel having some change is something important to dad, either choose a bifold model with a coin pocket or perhaps consider getting a coin pouch, to be on the safe side.



    Front Pocket Wallets

    As the old saying goes, the best place to keep your wallet is in your front pocket.
    There is no such adage, which doesn’t make it any less true. It’s safer, it’s healthier and it’s more comfortable, especially if the wallet was planned with that purpose in mind (which is the case of Corkor’s wallets).  Designed to be minimal, it’s the slimmest wallet design there is, and also the lightest. In the case of cork front pocket wallets, the lightness is truly noteworthy, with the lightest weighing 12 grams (0.42 ounces) and the heaviest only 26 grams (0.92 ounces).

    The minimalist design, combined with the unique qualities of cork, give these wallets its unparalleled lightness. Front pocket wallets are trim, but they allow your dad enough space to carry his essentials. Some models provide up to 4 cards slots, others have a back ID window, and there are even models with middle slots for folded notes and bills. Although they call for some compromises, for the right dad they can function as a wallet, especially for those who don’t need a lot of storage.

    Front Pocket Wallets are perfect for…

    Front pocket wallets are every minimalist’s dream. If your dad fits that category than go for it. If you think your dad might be looking for a second wallet, one to maybe carry at weekends, for sports or outdoor activities or other occasions when you need to go light, this could also be a good option.

    Also, if your dad is concerned about posture, back pain, and similar ailments, he should consider switching to a front pocket wallet, be it a more complete design or a minimalistic one.  

    Number of card slots
    It varies, but you shouldn’t expect more than 4 cards slots. Consider if that number is sufficient for your dad’s needs.

    Compartment availability
    Some models have more than one compartment for extra storage available, and a middle opening, others only display a top middle opening for bills and notes. Again, it’s a question of assessing what dad’s daily needs are, and seeing if the amount of storage provided is sufficient.


    To Block RFID or not to Block RFID…That is the question.

    RFID Safe

    RFID Wallets

    RFID chips use radio waves to communicate; modern contactless credit cards contain an RFID tag with information which and RFID reader can access. RFID chips have tiny electromagnetic fields which makes it possible to scan them (all you need is to be close enough). Fortunately, there are ways to block radio waves – and that’s exactly what an RFID blocking wallet does – they sheath your credit cards in a material that interferes with radio waves, preventing communication between your cards and RFID scanners.

    Corkor’s RFID blocking wallets are lined in a specially engineered RFID blocking fabric made of copper and nickel, which is placed between the lining and the outer cork shell, thus keeping your information safe inside your pocket.


    Who needs RFID Blocking Wallets?
    You may or may not actually need and RFID blocking wallet. If your credit or debit cards are contactless, then you should probably get one, as those cards have RFID chips and are susceptible to information theft. If not, maybe it’s okay to go on as usual. The chance of being maliciously scanned is low, but it’s there. It really is a matter of personal choice, risk management and, ultimately, peace of mind.


    Coins Pocket Wallet

    Coin Pocket Wallets


    Why choose Cork Wallets?

    A lot of people are making a transition from leather objects and accessories to cruelty-free options. Besides being a 100% natural, high-qualiy alternative to leather, cork is a vegan and truly eco-friendly fabric. It’s also a lot dressier (and less pollutant) than some synthetic options in the market. So, in sum, cork is an option that allows you to  look good, feel good and do no harm.

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