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  • Front Pocket Wallets: 10 Reasons to Go Lighter

    July 20, 2017 4 min read 0 Comments

    Front Pocket Wallets: 10 Reasons to Go Lighter | Corkor

    Vegan Front Pocket Vegan Wallet with ID Window in Zebra

    The best place to keep your wallet is in your front pocket: it’s safer, healthier and it’s more comfortable. Corkor's vegan front pocket wallets were designed to be our slimmest and lightest design: the lightest one weighs just 0.42 ounces (12 grams) and the "heaviest" a mere 0.92 ounces (26 grams). In this blog post, we go through the top ten reasons why you should choose a vegan front pocket wallet, even if that means a bit less space!

    1) Comfort

    As with the majority of other decisions we make, our wallet should be chosen to bear in mind the comfort it will provide. This should be obvious, but, for some reason, comfort is not always a priority when purchasing a wallet. Front pocket wallets are slimmer and lighter by design (which is even more true for the cork wallets), allowing you to sit comfortably with your wallet both on the back or front pockets, and without having to remove it to do so. If you’re tired of seating on top of a bulky wallet, and already feel some back pain, it’s time to make the switch. 

    2) Aesthetics

    Cork Front Pocket Vegan Wallet with ID window in red cork vegan leather

    A bulky, unkept wallet as a real impact on your appearance, especially if it’s full to the bream, and looking like it will fall apart at any moment. Now consider what a bulky wallet will do if you’re wearing tight pants or skinny jeans…Not a nice picture, right? Again, the slim, minimalist design of a front pocket wallet comes to rescue, giving you an elegant and sleek silhouette.

    3) Economy

    There are two sides to the economic impact front pocket wallets can have on your life. For one, if you’ve been wearing a regular wallet in your back pocket, you might have noticed that your jeans and trousers get damaged much sooner. This is the result of having to stretch to accommodate all that extra volume. The second reason is the price of front pocket wallets —they are more affordable than their fuller counterparts. If you’re worried about spending more on clothes and accessories than necessary, this could be a solution.

    4) Convenience

    The Cork Front Pocket Vegan Wallet was made for comfortable pocket use

    You know the drill: you carry your wallet in the back pocket, get somewhere, have to remove it and put it on top of a desk or table. Unfortunately, sometimes you won’t remember to put it back where it belongs, and the wallet gets lost or stolen. Sounds familiar? A front pocket wallet makes it easier to sit without having to remove it. Why run unnecessary risks, right?

    5) Security

    For obvious reasons, carrying your wallet in your back pocket is rarely a good idea. It makes you vulnerable to pickpockets and even if you do notice something unusual, you might not get the chance to react. Now, if someone were to try and put a hand on your front pocket what would happen? You get the idea. Better safe, than sorry. 

    6) Health

    If you’ve been sitting on a bulky wallet for some time now, you may already be experiencing the effects. Doing this will often cause a misalignment of your back, putting more pressure on the sciatic nerve. If you wish to remain back pain-free, consider wearing only a slimmer front pocket wallet on your back pocket, or, even better, switch it to your front pocket to be extra safe. Health is a serious business. 

    7) Security (again!)

    Corkor's Front Pocket Cork Wallets offer RFID blocking

    You read it right, we’re stating security for the second time. Bear with us, it’s not a mistake. Our new generation of front pocket wallets is RFID safe. This is a double safety layer (hence the duplication), since besides preventing traditional pickpocketing they help you avoid electronic pickpocketing as well. Keeping your sensitive information safe inside your pocket is easier with this feature: RFID safe wallets will block the 13.56 MHz frequency in which credit cards, debit cards, driver license, and ID cards operate. You will still be able to use ID badges, access cards, and hotel room cards operating in 125 KHz straight from your wallet. It’s neat, we know. 

    8) Durability

    Unlike most retailers, Corkor owns its workshop. This means all our products are made from start to finish in our facilities, under close supervision. It also means we know exactly the who, what, where, why, and how of each of our products. Now, let’s talk cork durability, we know you have questions. Unlike some nightmarish visions you might be entertaining, a cork wallet won’t crack or crumble. In fact, you can expect the same quality and softness of leather goods, but without the guilt. Cork is a vegan leather: 100% natural, eco-friendly, water repellent, scratch, and stain-resistant. It is also very easy to maintain and clean: water and soap will do the trick! 

    9) Eco-friendliness

    Did you know cork is one of the most renewable and eco-friendly resources on the planet? Also, all the cork we use in our wallets complies with certified strict environmental, social, and economic standards. We believe certified accreditation not only adds value to our products but enables our consumers to make informed purchasing choices. In this manner, we hope to create greater economic value for the cork oak forest – the lifeblood of our business, and simultaneously reduce negative environmental impact. Are you with us?

    10) PETA-approved Vegan

    Corkor's Cork Wallets and Accessories are PETA-Approved Vegan
    The natural, high-quality alternative to leather is finally here! Corkor’s products are 100% animal-free: no fur, wool, exotic skin, or other animal-derived materials are used in production. You can confidently shop a selection of premium vegan wallets (and briefcases, messenger bags, passport cases), at an affordable price. You won’t need to compromise on your beliefs to look and feel great. Instead, you can buy and wear cork leather wallets and accessories with a sense of pride: they’re vegan, local, handmade, and ecologically conscious products. It’s all-around goodness!

    Now that we have given you ten good reasons, will you make the switch? Why (why not?)