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  • Sometimes a Front Pocket Wallet is All You Need

    September 15, 2017 5 min read 0 Comments

    Sometimes a Front Pocket Wallet is All You Need | Corkor

    Other than your phone and your house keys, your wallet is probably the most important object you carry along with you. If you’re a man and you leave the house without a wallet you might feel downright naked—that’s how important wallets are! They keep everything you need to operate on a daily basis: cash, credit cards, IDs, insurance cards, documents. Without them, you're lost. 

    But, what if you’re trying to reduce the amount of stuff taking space in your daily carry?Then you might be falling for the big trend: slim wallets. If you’re one to carry your wallet in your front pocket, you might want to reach for a front pocket slim wallet — they are having a big moment now. Front pocket wallets fit perfectly both on front and back pockets, and though they may require you to be extra conscious of what you out in, they do allow for enough room to carry what’s more important.  

    These are 14 real-life scenarios where a Slim Front Pocket Wallet really is everything you need.

    • When you’re trying to stop overstuffing your wallet.
      Let’s admit it: there are times you want to open your wallet and find exactly what you need: no more, no less. You don’t want to stumble into old cinema tickets, coffee receipts, and your Blockbuster card. Owning a slim front pocket wallet helps you distinguish what your most valuable items are, and keep just those.
    • When you want to travel light.
      Slim wallets are the best bet for someone traveling often, especially if they intend to travel with light pockets and light hearts. You have everything you need concentrated in one spot, and you can access it effortlessly: that’s really all a traveler can ask for. The best slim wallets even offer RFID-blocking properties for an added layer of peace of mind.
    • When you want to take your wallet with you for a jog.
      If you’re into running, you might find it useful to have a more minimalist wallet that you can take with you, say, to pay for that bottle of water you’re in desperate need of after running ten miles.
    • When you want to have your cake and eat it too.
      Minimalist wallet designs have evolved so much that now you have slim options with space for as much as ten cards and folded cash. This means you can have a small, light and organized wallet and still keep pretty much all of your cards with you (okay, maybe not every card, but the vast majority).
    • When you want to avoid bulgy back pockets.
      You know when you’re wearing those skinny black jeans and you’re ready to leave the house, but you go for that last-minute check in the mirror, only to find you have a really suspicious bulge in your derrière? Yeah, that’s no good. Adapting your wallet to your sartorial options has never been easier.
    • When you want functionality AND good looks.
      The majority of people feel like they have to give up on aesthetics to have a more functional wallet, as is the case with the slimmer designs. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. Wallets have become increasingly slimmer, but designs are way smarter to accommodate for that. Now you have wee wallets that have the looks, the versatility, and the functionality.
    • When you want slim with substance.
      Let me translate that for you. This means slim enough to carry in your front pocket but generous enough to feel like a “real wallet” and ample enough to carry your cards and cash. This feels like an impossible exercise, but it really isn’t. You can have the classic design features of a traditional wallet in a slim body. This is the case with the Slim Cork Wallet and its liberal storage capabilities or with the Minimalist Cork Wallet that is successfully incorporating the bi-fold design with minimalism (via a very convenient pull tab that grants you quick access to your less used cards).  
    • When you want to forget you’re carrying a wallet.
      Some slim wallets are so successful in their reducing intents, that you really forget you’re carrying one. When your wallet weighs as little as 0.42 ounces (or 12 grams) and is as thin as o.2 inches (or 5 millimeters) it’s entirely justified! If you value the freedom of feeling light and still don’t have a front pocket wallet, it’s time to try it out.
    • When you need to buy a gift for someone who “has everything”.
      There’s always that “hard to please” section in our yearly Christmas Gifts list. Some have exquisite tastes, others you don’t know very well, and some people truly have it all. This year, you can give them the gift of a well-ordered and exotic cork wallet. It’s certain to be a hit.
    • When you want smart everyday carry options.
      Your days are not all the same, and neither should your wallet. If you need smart carry options for every type of day, you should have more than one wallet. Some days, you might not get away with just a minimalist wallet and a couple of cards and cash, and that’s okay. But that doesn’t mean you have to carry a full feature wallet every day, either. Just make sure you have the right wallets to cater to your lifestyle and daily needs, however different they might be.
    • When you want to avoid unnecessary bells and whistles.
      Who wants to be running errands, going out to brunch or partying on a Saturday night with a full feature wallet? Do yourself a favor and go for a slim and trim design.
    • When you want your wallet to help you fight crime.
      If you don’t want someone to pick on your pockets, don’t make it so easy! Picking the right wallet is one way of steering clear of pickpockets. Just move your wallet to your front pocket and you’ll feel a lot safer.
    • When you want the best value for your money.
      Front pocket wallets can be really inexpensive: for as little as $14.50 you can have a hand-crafted and durable slim front pocket wallet. At this price point, you can afford to test the minimalist trend and see if it’s something that fits your lifestyle, without the fear of overspending.

      Shop Slim Front Pocket Wallets Today!