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Last Minute Vegan Gifts: There's Still Time for These

December 04, 2017 0 Comments

Last Minute Vegan Gifts: Corkor Gift Cards

Christmas shopping can be unnerving: the list is big, some family and friends tastes are elusive, and there’s simply not enough time to hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for everyone, no matter how much you’d like to.

Shopping for vegan men and women can be daunting, too, especially when you don’t understand their tastes or needs very well. Make it easier for everyone involved, and give the gift of choice.

Delivered by email, Corkor Gift Cards contain precise instructions on how to redeem them. Plus, they have no expiration date, enabling its recipients to spend their credit online anytime they want, with no additional processing fees.

You can purchase gift cards from $25 up to $200, and even have them sent to an alternate email address. It’s easy for you, and easier for them.

25$ Gift Card

$25 Corkor Gift Card

What you can buy with a $25 gift card:
Minimalist Vegan Wallet in Zebra Front Pocket Pocket Cork Wallet in Red

50$ Gift Card

$50 Corkor Gift Card

What you can buy with a $50 gift card:

Card Case Wallet in Rustic Slim Cork Wallet in NaturalSlim Cork Wallet in Red

100$ Gift Card

$100 Corkor Gift Card

What you can buy with a $100 gift card:

Vegan Crossbody in Natural Women Cork Wallet in Trunk

150$ Gift Card

$150 Corkor Gift Card

What you can buy with a $150 gift card:

Vegan Satchel Bag in Natural Cork Cork Backpack in Zebra Cork

200$ Gift Card

$200 Corkor Gift Card

What you can buy with a $200 gift card:

Dark Brown Brifecase Vegan Fashion Award WinnerMessenger Bag for Men in Natural

Corkor Gift Cards: 5 Reasons to Offer Them

1) Corkor gift cards make it easy to save money. 
Deciding on your gift card value is easy when you have a wide range of options. Starting at $25 and going up to $200, you have better control of expenses. Corkor Gift Cards also make it possible for its receiver to take advantage of sales and other announced promotions. The credit on the card is unconditionally available, and the receiver is the one deciding on how and when to spend it.

2) No additional processing fees.
While some gift cards come with unpleasant surprises, like upfront costs or maintenance fees, Corkor’s gift cards have absolutely no additional processing fees. The value of buying the card is its only cost. Period. 

3) No expiration dates. 
Our gift cards are good forever: there is no expiration date or timeframe to spend its value. The receiver can take as long as he or she likes to spend it, without the fear of losing its value. No more rushing to buy something “just because”.   

4) Corkor gift cards help you skip shipping costs.
Shipping can be expensive, especially if you want something delivered quickly. The good news: since Corkor’s gift cards are sent electronically, shipping it has no costs. They go straight to the address you prefer and that’s it. 

5) An easy, convenient way to gift

Spent hours searching for a gift for a person with specific needs/ taste, only to get more and more confused and unsure? Gift cards are a great option for those exact cases. Some people have very specific needs you don’t quite understand. For those people on your Christmas Shopping list, the smart way is the card way: just make it easy for them to shop their taste and values.


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