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Minimalist wallets are all the rage right now. As in many other aspects of daily life, we are witnessing a shift towards a more minimalistic approach to everyday objects, and that has repercussions even in the wallet you choose. People want to rid themselves of superfluous things and make time and space for what truly matters. If you, too, are on the hunt for the perfect minimalist vegan wallet, stick around and read this article.

The Lightest Minimalist Wallet There Is

There are two main reasons for choosing minimalist wallets: you want to downsize on the amount of things you carry every day (choosing carefully and consciously what will make part of your daily life) or you want to reduce the weight and the bulk for more practical reasons. Obviously, the two overlap and end up complementing each other. Whichever your reason for seeking a minimalist wallet, what you may not know yet is that, in both respects, cork leather can really help you achieve you goal.

Nearly 90% of cork's volume is made up of tiny, trapped air pockets. Because of those air pockets, cork is among the lightest of all solid substances, which is why it has been used for millennia. Being one the lightest materials, obviously contributes to the overall weight of a wallet, or lack thereof. In a cork leather minimalist wallet, the weight will be minimal indeed.

Choosing a cork leather vegan minimalist wallet is a minimalist choice in every aspect: you’ll downsize on the amount of stuff you carry, on the weight and bulk you carry, on the ecological footstep by choosing a vegan material and  you’ll be helping the environment, since cork is among the most eco-friendly materials you can choose.

Corkor’s Vegan Minimalist Wallets


The minimalist vegan wallet is every minimalist’s dream. This super slim design offers incomparable lightness, while letting you decide whether you want to carry a lot…or just a little. Available in seven unique colors (dark brown, zebra, black, red, light brown, blue and rustic), the Minimalist Vegan Wallet features two slots for notes and bills (one on each side) and a top middle opening that fits up to 10 cards. The best part of this minimalist wallet: you can carry it comfortably in your front or back pocket. The cork leather is soft, durable and eco-friendly, and, what’s even better; it’s water resistant and protective, besides being one of the lightest minimalist vegan wallets available on market.

You can see the Minimalist Vegan Wallet in action in this video:


This minimalist wallet design is a bit different than the previous one and more suited for someone looking for a more traditional looking wallet  with the all the juicy innovation quietly “hidden” inside. The Minimalist Cork Wallet features an adjustable metal clip for notes and bills (to pin notes and bills in place — like a money clipper, but better).
Because there are no interior compartments (only two side cards slots) this wallet is very slim. There’s one quick-access slot for daily used cards , and a convenient pull-tab for less used ones (kept in the second compartment).You can carry anything between two and ten cards with you, depending on how bulky you want to go.  The Minimalist Cork Wallet is available in six rich and unique colors (dark brown, black, red, light brown and blue). If all you want is to carry some money and a couple of cards, grab this one.


I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this one: the best place to keep your wallet is in your front pocket.  It’s safer, healthier and more comfortable, especially when the wallet was planned with that purpose in mind (which Corkor’s wallets have). Designed to be minimal, it’s one of our slimmest wallet designs, and also one of the lightest. The minimalist design, combined with the unique qualities of cork, give this wallet its unparalleled lightness. Front pocket wallets are trim, but they allow you enough space to carry your essentials and maybe even more. This model provides three cards slots and one ID window, with two extra compartments for folded notes and bills. Its RFID blocking properties will keep your sensitive information where it belongs: safe inside your pocket. Overall, this is a unique front pocket wallet made from cork leather and a great vegan gift for men or women that surely has been a hit among our customers.

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