Corkor's Front Pocket Vegan Cork Wallet | Best Slim Review

June 30, 2017 0 Comments

Looking for unbiased reviews on Corkor's wallets? This week, the minimalist lifestyle blog Best Slim published a review on Corkor's Front Pocket Cork Wallet.  You can read the full review on their blog post.

The Corkor Front Pocket Cork Wallet has 3 vertical card slots on what we consider as the front as it has the Corkor logo on it. Each slot can store 2 to 3 cards thanks to the elastic nature of cork. In the middle, there are 3 vertical storage compartments. These can be used to store folded cash or more cards if you wish. Last but not least, there is a clear plastic ID slot at the back. That is quite a lot of storage compartments and more than enough for you to organize your wallet properly instead of having to stuff everything in just 3 compartments as with the older design.

As mentioned earlier, the Corkor Front Pocket Cork Wallet features RFID blocking. Interestingly, it only blocks 13.56 MHz frequency in which credit cards, debit cards, driver license and ID cards operate. ID badges, access cards and hotel room cards operating in 125 KHz will not be blocked. This means that your personal data is safe from ID thieves but at the same time you can still make use of your door access cards without removing them from the wallet. Definitely a win-win situation.

If you are looking for a slim, compact and ultra light minimalist wallet that is also 100% vegan and environmentally friendly, you can’t go wrong with the Corkor Front Pocket Cork Wallet.


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