Corkor team is over the moon!

Corkor team is over the moon!

October 08, 2015 0 Comments

Corkor team is over the moon!


Today’s distinction (see previous post) reminded us that, since the beginning, we aimed for the moon.

In 2012 we landed among the stars!

Being a finalist at the 2012 SOURCE Awards, the Global Awards for Sustainable Fashion in the Accessories and Footwear category indicated us, back then, that we were in the right path but needed to keep working hard.

Today we are over the moon! And we believe we are allowed to…

The path to perfection is hard, demands dedication and commitment but it’s exactly the one we want to walk in!

Today´s award was our first but not the last, we hope!

Thank you for your preference and we promise we will keep working to offer you the best cork products in the market!

Read more about this award and the other winners at:



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