Corkor is now certified Vegan by PETA |

December 03, 2015 0 Comments


Those who follow us since the beginning might have realized a slight difference on our products. 

Although cork has always been Corkor’s focus and main raw material, it was only in the past year that we proudly became completely animal free. 

As we evolved, we started realizing that it was possible to work strictly with animal-friendly materials and the quality, the beauty and the “style” of our products would not be affected.

If so, it would be in a positive way… Being able to offer you a stylish, beautiful, practical and yet vegan product makes us really proud.

With that, we are thrilled to announce that Corkor is now one of the few brands globally to be certified Vegan by PETA.

We hope you can celebrate with us this little victory and feel good about shopping our animal-friendly products.

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