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January 17, 2016 0 Comments

As the name states cork fabric is made of cork. But, what is cork? 

Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree. It's an unique and very special raw material. One that men, with all it's studies and technology couldn't yet replicate in all its greatness and excellence. 

Cork's ability to retain CO2 hence reducing greenhouse gas emissions makes of this natural wonder one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable natural resource.

Cork is a 100% sustainable product. To harvest the cork no tree needs to fall! The harvesting is done by specialized professionals and the tree is not damaged during the process. In the following 9 years after each harvesting the cork oak will regenerate its bark and the cork will acquire a smoother texture. Considering the life of an oak tree is on average 200 years, each tree can be harvested around 17 times.


A high quality sustainable resource.  

We believe cork fabric is the perfect alternative to animal leather. In a world in need of more eco-conscious alternatives, being able to produce a high quality product, which stands the test of time, is beautiful and practical and is still vegan and sustainable is a dream come true. 

Some of cork's characteristics are a plus to cork fabric and Corkor's products.


  • It is really light!
This is a very important characteristic for our products as no one wants to carry a laptop bag that weights even more then the laptop itself. With over 50% of its volume being air, no wonder cork is so light!


  • It is water proof!
Our tablet sleeves are perfect to keep your tablet safe and sound against adverse weather conditions. Cork ages without deteriorating due, mainly, to its resistance to moisture. The suberin (a waterproofing waxy substance) present in the cell walls makes cork practically impermeable to liquids and gases.


  • It is wear resistant!
Our wallets are sturdy and will last for a lifetime even if you carry them daily on your jeans’ pocket. Thanks to its honeycomb structure, cork is highly abrasion resistant and has a high friction coefficient.


  •  It is slow burning!
We surely hope you will not have the need to test this characteristic of cork in our products but hey… you never know! The slow combustion of cork makes it a natural fire retardant and a kind of barrier against fires.


  •  It is soft to touch and unique!
The softness of the cork fabric is one of the characteristics our clients love the most. Also each product is as unique as a finger print as there are no two equal pieces of cork!



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