Back to School | Womens Laptop Bag by Corkor


Back to School | Womens Laptop Bag by Corkor

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Back to School | Womens Laptop Bag by Corkor

For many reasons, every year are thousands of adults returning to school, here are some of the reasons:

  • To learn a hobby or an interest, something different from usual activities.
  • Learn languages ​​for travel, and more easily understand other countries and cultures, talking with locals.
  • To give a good example to children and feel the ability to help in the studies.
  • To get a better job, a better place within the company where you work.
  • When you want new employment opportunities, take a specialty within your vocational area.
  • Are you tired of your job and want a different career and need to acquire skills.
  • When returning to school is a dream.
  • When the company where you work pays for studying.

Corkor's women laptop bag 

Back to School | Women's Laptop Bags by Corkor


In fact, doesn’t really matter what the reason is, the most important is that you are actually involved with the return to school, you feel great, younger, and feel the cold in your stomach once again. But you need material; you need a bag to carry school supplies, something adult that reveals your personality transmitting pride, difference, gratitude, which will make you stand out of the crown ... that there is where Corkor present this magnificent womens laptop bag.

This bag is handmade with cork, cork is eco-friendly, vegan, sustainable, no animal testing; cork is also very easy to keep up as new for longer, very easy to clean.


  • This women laptop bag features one large zippered back pocket.
  • The interior is lined with dark brown fabric and has 1 large file compartment, 1 cell phone pocket and one zippered pocket.
  • Bottom is made of dark brown leather and has 5 metal feet to safely stand on floor without damage.
  • Handles are also made of leather.


  • Plenty of space and organizer compartments.
  • Unique patterns due to cork being natural vegetarian leather.
  • Made of cork, cork is a kind of vegan leather as it is harvested from the cork oak trees without harming it.
  • Handmade by Portuguese artisans.
  • Fair trade product.

Use and care:

  • Cork is very easy to keep up as new, just need to clean with a dump soft cloth when it gets dirty.
  • Cork should be well dried before being stored.


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