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  • The best Eco Spots in Portugal

    January 13, 2016 8 min read 0 Comments

    The best Eco Spots in Portugal | Corkor


    "I am Vegan / Vegetarian / Eco-conscious and I'm planning a travel to Portugal…"

    Thinking of you, we decided to do this post so that, when you come to Portugal, you can feel you’ve had one of the best vacations and experiences ever.

    This listing is not closed nor complete, far from that. In fact we are counting on you to help us improve it. If you have any suggestions you believe that should be mentioned here, we would really appreciate your contact.

    If you are planning your first eco travel, we think these websites might be useful




    Where can I go?

    If you are still thinking about where on Portugal you should travel to and you worry about the impacts of modern day’s tourism, we have compiled a list of websites where you will be able to find ecologically respectful options that will certainly fit your needs, desires and tastes.

    Do you like the beach or do you favor visiting museums? Do you like your holidays to be active or do you prefer to just sit and relax? We have it all in Portugal and you will feel really welcome, no matter what you prefer to do or to what part of our country you choose to travel.

    The Green Destinations distinguished the Azores as the number one 2014 Sustainable Destination in Europe, but two other Portuguese destinations make it to the top 10 and another 3 beautiful Portuguese places are among the world top 100. 

    In the under listed websites you will find lots of good options for your travel, just browse through them and you will most definitely find what you were looking for (even if you didn’t know what it was)

    Green Hotels and Eco-friendly Lodgings (It's a Green Green World)

    The World's Best Small Holiday Companies (Responsible Travel)


    Portuguese worldwide most famous region is probably the Algarve, where the sun is (almost) always shining, the beaches have golden and thin sand and the sea water is at a mild temperature. However, and even though we are, in fact, a very small country, we have such variety in landscapes, culture and activities that you will be amazed.

    One of our most unknown, unexplored and still wild territories is the Alentejo, the home to one of the first Portuguese eco-tourism companies.


    What can I do?

    In the following pages you have innumerous eco activities to choose from when visiting Portugal.

    Portugal Ecotourism

    Wherever Nature

    Natura Algarve

    Go Discover Portugal - Ecotourism

    Green Stays


    But, if you already have an idea of where you want to go to, we recommend visiting Book Different, where you have lots of “green” information that it might be useful when choosing your location or accommodation.


    Where can I eat?

    Now, for the yummy part...

    Vegetarianism and veganism is universally growing, probably due to a higher food and environmental awareness.

    With this, the industry and commerce began to be more aware and thoughtful and you can find several options for eating of shopping worldwide.

    However, sometimes, these options are not properly advertised and you end up ruining what could have been the perfect vacations because you couldn’t find a good place to eat.

    We have compiled an extensive list of restaurants that are Vegan, Vegetarian or Veg. Friendly. We truly believe you will have good eating experiences while in Portugal, however, if you need, the Restaurante Terra has made a small dictionary for Vegans and Vegetarians. Also, most of the Portuguese traditional food has meat or fish, but among the side dishes you might find some delicious surprises.

    Some franchisings will supply you with good veggie and vegan food and they have several stores spread through Portugal.

    Celeiro | Health Store

    Vitaminas | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Wok to Walk | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Joshua's Shoarma Grill | Veg. Friendly Restaurant


    North of Portugal 

    Semente | Braga | Vegan Restaurant

    Alfacinha | Braga | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Anjo Verde | Braga | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Gosto Superior | Braga | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Hibiscus | Braga | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Pausa Util | Braga | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Vida Saude | Braga | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Cor de Tangerina | Guimarães | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Pizzaria Celeste | Guimarães | Veg. Friendly Restaurant



    Bar do Girassol | Amarante | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Vegi | Maia | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Da Terra | Maia | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Pe d'Arroz | Maia | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Santo Burga | Maia | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Pop 101 | Porto | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Black Mamba Burgers and Records | Porto | Vegan Restaurant

    Espaco Compasso | Porto | Vegan Restaurant

    Casa da Horta | Porto | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Cultura Dos Sabores | Porto | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Da Terra - Mouzinho da Silveira | Porto | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Em Carne Viva | Porto | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Lupin Restaurante Vegetariano | Porto | Vegetarian Restaurant

    O Oriente no Porto | Porto | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Quintal Bioshop | Porto | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Res da Rua | Porto | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Salpicos Verdes | Porto | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Bugo Art Burguers | Porto | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Capa Verde | Porto | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Duas de Letra | Porto | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Essencia | Porto| Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Francesinhas Al Forno da Baixa | Porto | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Maus Habitos | Porto | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Nova China | Porto | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Sabores do Sebouh | Porto | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Suribachi | Porto | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Teppan | Porto | Veg. Friendly Restaurant



    Ki Macrobiotico | Aveiro | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Biscoito | Aveiro | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Nutriverde | Espinho | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Terra Viva | Espinho | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Adega Floro | Espinho | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Cacimbo | Viseu | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Maria Xica | Viseu | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    O Lugar do Capitao | Viseu | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Diet Farma | Viseu | Health Store

    DietSaude | Viseu | Health Store

    Necterra | Viseu | Health Store

    LafoNatura | São Pedro do Sul | Health Store

    Cozinha Consciente | Coimbra | Vegan Restaurant

    Shanti Cafe | Coimbra | Vegan Restaurant

    Green Side | Coimbra | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Cafe A Brasileira | Coimbra | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    O Pancinhas | Coimbra | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Bioescolha | Coimbra | Health Store

    Quental Biologico | Coimbra | Health Store

    Efeito Verde | Oliveira do Hospital | Health Store

    Tamari | Leiria | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Meu Farnel | Leiria | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    A Celeste | Nazaré | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Fresh Delicafe | Nazaré | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Centro Naturista | Nazaré | Health Store

    Restaurante Cozinha Das Rainhas | Óbidos | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Namaste | Castelo Branco | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Ananda Cafe | Covilhã | Vegetarian Restaurant



    Sabor Superior | Algés | Vegan Restaurant

    Brio | Carnaxide | Health Store

    House of Wonders | Cascais | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Bangkok Thai Moods | Cascais | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Dona Flor Bar Cafe | Cascais| Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Masala | Cascais | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Shabu Shabu | Cascais | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Mercearia da Vila | Cascais | Health Store

    Cafe Sementes | Colares | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Com Pinta | Ericeira | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    BE U | Ericeira | Health Store

    Convictus Vegetariano | Oeiras | Vegetarian Restaurant

    The Cru | Oeiras | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Centro Tinkuy - Gracias a la Vida Association | Sintra | Vegan Restaurant

    Espaco Edla | Sintra | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Quinta dos 7 Nomes | Sintra | Health Store

    Alto da Formosa TakeAway | Santa Cruz | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Olokun | Torres Vedras | Vegan Restaurant

    Lisbon City

    Escolha Natura | Lisbon | Vegan Restaurant

    Friendly Food | Lisbon | Vegan Restaurant

    Jardim das Cerejas | Lisbon | Vegan Restaurant

    Princesa do Castelo | Lisbon | Vegan Restaurant

    The Food Temple | Lisbon | Vegan Restaurant

    Vegana Burgers | Lisbon | Vegan Restaurant

    A Colmeia | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Alfarroba | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Bem-Me-Quer | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Bio | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Espaco da Rosa | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Espiral | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Folha Verde | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Goji - Uma Atitude Saudavel | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Green Pepper | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Gremio at Rcicla Rentals | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Hare Krishna | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Instituto Macrobiotico de Portugal | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Jardim dos Sentidos | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Jasmim | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Ladybug | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Miss Saigon | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Nomalism Bistro | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Oasis | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Os Tibetanos | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Paladar Zen | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Planeta Bio | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    PSI | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    RDA 69 | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Rota Do Oriente | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Sabores del Sur | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Sociedade Portuguesa de Naturalogia | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Terra Restaurante Natural | Lisbon | Vegetarian Restaurant

    39 Degraus | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Arco Iris | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Cantina LX | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Casa Nepalesa | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Celeiro Dieta - Restaurant | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Dog Town Burger Joint | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Everest Montanha | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Hamburgueria do Bairro | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    In Bocca al Lupo | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Namaste Bhojanalaya | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Orange | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Pachamama | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Passage to India | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Primo Basílico | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Quinta do Arneiro | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Real Nepal | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Restaurante Os Arquinhos | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Roda Viva | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Sao Tome 48 | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Sete Pecados - Siam Square | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Sumo Pontifice | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Tamarind | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Tao | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Tascamastai | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    The Green Room Cafe | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Velocite Cafe | Lisbon | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Amor Bio | Lisbon | Health Store

    Ayur | Lisbon | Health Store

    Bioino Mercearia Biologica | Lisbon | Health Store

    Brio | Lisbon | Health Store

    Mercado Biologico Alfazema | Lisbon | Health Store

    Miosotis | Lisbon | Health Store

    A Veganeza | Lisbon | Veg. Food

    Cucumba | Lisbon | Veg. Food

    Fragoleto | Lisbon | Veg. Food

    Liquid | Lisbon | Veg. Food

    Power Foods | Lisbon | Veg. Food

    South Margin of the River Tagus

    Mao de Terra | Alcochete | Health Store

    Fusao no Patio | Almada | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Juicefood by L&E | Almada | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Fonte da Pipa | Almada | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Sumo Pontifice Almada Forum | Almada | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Celeiro do Campo | Baixa da Banheira | Health Store

    GoV Spot | Barreiro | Vegan Restaurant

    Marcelino Beach Club | Costa da Caparica | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Essencia Nature | Montijo | Vegan Restaurant

    Aloha Cafe | Santana | Vegan Restaurant

    Sabores Naturais | Seixal | Vegetarian Restaurant

    ProNatura | Setúbal | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Celeiro do Campo | Setúbal | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Gassho - Produtos Biologicos | Setúbal | Health Store



    Sitio do Marinho | Sines | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Jardim Do Cha | Évora | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Salsa Verde | Évora | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Art Cafe | Évora | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Sabores do Campo | Beja | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Instinto Natural | Odemira | Health Store

    MiraBio | Odemira | Health Store



    Didi Cafe | Albufeira | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Eurasia Restaurante Vegetariano | Albufeira | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Bioviver | Aljezur | Health Store

    Bem Me Quero | Almancil | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Mundo Saudavel | Almancil | Health Store

    L'Oasis Italiana | Armação de Pêra | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Naturetica - Produtos Naturais | Armação de Pêra | Health Store

    Mac Jetes | Bordeira | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Rouxinol | Caldas de Monchique | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Trigo Vermelho | Carrapateira | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    JAN | Carvoeiro | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Gengibre E Canela | Faro | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Mel & Limao | Faro | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Portas de Sao Pedro | Faro | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Taco Y Tequilla | Faro | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Vegetariano e Companhia | Faro | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    All Natural | Faro | Health Store

    Saruga Health | Faro | Health Store

    Shalom Nature | Faro | Health Store

    Dynasty | Lagos | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Fresco | Lagos | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Italia | Lagos | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Komal | Lagos | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Oxala | Lagos | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Natur Boticae | Lagos | Health Store

    Cantina dos Sabores | Loulé | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Vegetarianus | Portimão | Vegan Restaurant

    Mercearia Bio | Portimão | Health Store

    Saffron Indian Kitchen | Praia da Luz | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Valentino's | Praia da Luz | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Harmony Earth | Praia da Luz | Health Store

    Pure Boutique Cafe | Quinta do Lago | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Beterraba | Tavira | Health Store



    Manifattura Di Gelato | Calheta | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Bioforma Restaurant | Funchal | Vegetarian Restaurant

    Atlantic Restaurante | Funchal | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Espaco Funchal | Funchal | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Gigi Sumos | Funchal | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Indian House | Funchal | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Jardim Das Flores | Funchal | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Passione d'Italia | Funchal | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Sabor da India | Funchal | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    SHU AKA | Funchal | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Taberna Zezinho das Mocas | Funchal | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Taj Mahal | Funchal | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Villa Caffe | Funchal | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    YumMie | Funchal | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Bio-Logos | Funchal | Health Store

    Bioforma | Funchal | Health Store



    Hocus Pocus | Lajes do Pico | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Restaurante Fornos de Lava | São Jorge | Veg. Friendly Restaurant

    Rotas da Ilha Verde | Ponta Delgada | Vegetarian Restaurant