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Corkor went to Ficor at Coruche

June 05, 2013 1 min read 0 Comments

Corkor went to Ficor at Coruche | Corkor

Last weekend, from 22nd to 26th of May, was FICOR festival (International Fair of Cork) in Coruche.

We went to "Coruche, world Capital of Cork" to learn that "FICOR gains even more relevance with the institution of the cork oak as the National Tree".

FICOR held several conferences and scientific debates about the sector along with music, wine tasting, nature activities and some exposure of cork items made from local artisans.

The highpoint of the fair is Coruche Cork Fashion with various TV presenters and artists wearing cork handmade costumes.

There is also a lot to learn at FICOR and Coruche is a great city to visit and to learn more about...

Vitor, Natália and giant cork stopper

Cork and Coruche's typical man

Kid and cork sculpture

Big cork trunk

Pieces of cork tied togheter

One of the booths

Cork table