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October 30, 2012 0 Comments

We would like to share with you a customer review about this cork wallet...

"It may seem silly, but I got this wallet as I was looking for something lighter than the leather one I was using.
I will explain...

My previous wallet was a nice fine leather one, made similarly to this cork one.

However, I carry my wallet (chained) in my right leg pocket of my combat (cargo) trousers, and as it can flap around when there's a lot in it, a heavy wallet (full of receipts and cards - not money unfortunately) gets uncomfortable. Carrying one in the rear pocket is too uncomfortable and ends up killing the bank cards quickly.
I also carry a lot of useful things on me (engineer and computer tech to friends), and the whole lot was getting too heavy.

So my gear went on a weight loss diet.

The metal things got smaller or changed to titanium, but the wallet was tricky.
I thought of making one out of kevlar, but kevlar is hard to find, expensive, and to be honest I just wanted something already made.
There are ones made out of waterproof, tear resistant paper, but that wasn't going to give me the card capacity I need.

Then I found this cork one - light and water resistant - seemed a good idea.
But surely cork is too stiff and brittle to make a wallet out of?

Well I can confirm after nearly 8 months of use, that it is still as soft and supple as when I bought it (and when I got it, it was as soft and supple as newbuck - tho you may find a better comparison).
My previous wallet weighed in at 109g, and this one at only 59g. That and using a titanium chain i'd made, I was able to more than halve the weight of the old wallet and chain combo.
It's a fantastic material that you just want to keep touching. So far it seems as durable (if not more so) than the leather it replaced, and the only minor issue of stiff card sections slowly disappeared over time as the sections loosen with use.
It was even able to withstand being hole punched and given an eyelet to that it could be tethered with the titanium chain.

If the cost doesn't put you off, and you are in the market for a new and interesting wallet (or like me something to lighten your edc) this cork wallet is the final word.

It even creates conversation...
"That's a cool looking wallet!"
"Why, thank you"
"What's it made of?"
"Cork?... wow"

By Wibble


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