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How to clean a cork wallet: the foolproof formula

It’s been a while since you purchased your Corkor wallet and it’s beginning to show some signs of wear. If you’re using your cork wallet daily, it’s perfectly normal and expectable. You’ve thought about cleaning it up, but then you thought: how exactly should you clean a cork wallet? This is a recurring question we get - and one we can help with - so we’re sharing our expertise with you, to help you keep your beloved cork items in top shape.

You Asked, So Here It Goes: The Foolproof Formula To Cleaning A Cork Wallet Or Bag
Fill an adequate sized recipient with warm water - doesn’t need to be boiling warm, just warm enough to help the cleaning process - the ideal temperature is one you can withstand with your hands. If your item is very dirty (or if you prefer it) you can add 3 drops of a mild dish-washing detergent or a mild liquid detergent (like those formulated for delicate fabrics and materials) and mix it in. It shouldn’t turn too bubbly, as the amount of detergent recommended is minimal. Important tip: you really shouldn’t overdo the detergent part!

Now that all is prepared, dip a soft, clean cloth into the detergent solution and wring it dry.
Get your item and sweep off all the visible dirt, making sure you cover the entire surface in the first brushing.

Now It’s Time To Get The More Detailed Cleaning Done
Get your cloth back into the solution and wring it a little less the second time. Start rubbing the surface in circles as gently as you can. Move through the piece, getting those places where there is still dirt on. Keep going, and if you feel it’s necessary, dip the cloth again and rub difficult spots again. Don’t forget to go easy on the surface. 

Once you feel you’re done with all the dirt, you should get a clean soft cloth and wipe the item clean. Allow it to dry and you have yourself a clean, good as new cork wallet or bag.

What You’ll Need For “Operation Clean Cork”
- Adequate size recipient
- Warm water (the amount will depend on the size of the item you need to clean)
- Mild dish-washing detergent or a mild liquid detergent (Optional)
- Spoon to mix
- 2 soft clean cloths

Final Tips and Recommendations
- It’s important you use a soft cloth, as you’ll be rubbing the surface.
- Don’t use more detergent than recommended; the cleaning should be as natural as possible, as this is a natural fabric.
- If you’ve got a resistant stain (highly unlikely, because cork is stain resistant), dip the softest toothbrush you can find into the solution and be as gently as you can.
- Be wary of cork cleaning products – to clean your cork items  you really just need soap and water (and maybe a little TLC). 


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