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  • Travel Wallet: Your New Vegan Traveling Companion

    June 19, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

    Travel Wallet: Your New Vegan Traveling Companion | Corkor

    Vegan Travel Wallet

    Looked everywhere for a vegan leather travel wallet, but failed to find anything impressive? You’ve come to the right place. Our vegan travel wallets were specifically designed to accommodate everything you might need while you’re traveling the world, in true vegan style.

    Hold your passport, boarding pass, tickets, itinerary and hotel booking information in a single place, while still managing the necessary space for your money or even a foreign currency, like Euro bills. The most important thing is keeping all your documentation safe and accessible, at all times. That’s why this travel wallet provides an additional layer of safety: RFID blocking.

    Corkor’s vegan travel wallets are lined in a specially engineered RFID blocking fabric made of copper and nickel, which is placed between the lining and the outer cork shell, thus keeping your information safe inside your pocket, a feature especially pertinent when traveling abroad.

    Besides being vegan and RFID safe, a cork travel wallet has additional advantages, like the intrinsic protective properties of cork. It’s a natural, lightweight traveling companion, but also a water repellent, stain resistant protective outer layer for the documents. When traveling, you may experience a lot of different climates, and it’s good to know that whatever your dad takes inside is travel wallet will be safe from the elements. 

    On a practical level, the passport wallet has four card slots and two notes and bills compartments, so you don’t have to carry more than one wallet when traveling. Our travel wallets are also intended to be very slim, so as not to add any more strain to the already stressful process of navigating airports.

    Keep everything well organized and falling into (a single) place and guarantee that when the time comes, what you need will be at hand.