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Find a Work Bag That Works

August 23, 2017 0 Comments

Vegan Purses and Bags That Work For You

Vegan Purses and Bags That Work For You
Practicality and versatility are paramount when it comes to your work bag. Great style is just the cherry on top of everything else cork leather has to offer you. 

Returning to work is a good time to review or increase your collection of vegan purses and bags—either because you want it or because you need it. You don’t have to feel guilty, though, cork is an eco-friendly option you can rely on, with little cost to the environment and no animal suffering involved.

Finding handbags that meet all the workplace requirements is not always an easy feat, especially if you are a vegan woman. First and foremost, it has tobe vegan. Then it has to be beautiful andit has to be functional. After all, it’s your new day-to-day companion, one with a very specific goal: helping you make it through the workday.

If you’re browsing for a bag specifically for the work environment, there are other factors to weigh in, too. Besides fully reflecting your ethics and core values, your personal taste and unique style, it has to fulfill a set of unspoken—and unwritten rules. There is a whole work attire code at work in our workplaces. Rules that, though not written anywhere, require our compliance just the same.

Regarding workplace attire, it’s not always easy to navigate the rules, while choosing things that please us and fully respect our beliefs. That's why in the designing process of Corkor purses, we try to squeeze in as much functionality as we possibly can. We also try to design beautiful, appealing and on-trend vegan purses, so that you can always find a suitable option for your needs. And just as we want our vision and values to be embodied in our vegan bags, we want your values and visions to be present in your daily life.  

Corkor focuses on designing beautiful, appealing and on-trend vegan purses. Being vegan and eco-friendly is intrinsic to the values and philosophy of our cork leather based brand.

This fall, bring fashion, function, and compassion to your workplace with a collection of vegan women's purses and day bags. Discover smart work satchels, find stylish bucket bags, and explore elegant crossbody bags that will instantly promote your vegan style.

Cork Leather Satchel
Vegan Satchel in Light Brown Cork Leather

There's no doubt your work bag should reflect your values and style. An excellent work bag will give you something else: support to get through the work day.
The Vegan Satchel has features that make it great for work, and easy for you to stay organized... And it looks nice, too! If you struggle to find a work bag that has everything you want (like room for your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and notebook), this one checks all the boxes.


Cork Leather Bucket Bag
Vegan Bucket-Bag in Zebra Cork Leather
Promote your style with the Vegan Bucket Bag. Drawstring cords gently gather the top of this supple cork bag, complete with elegant Italian metallic hardware. The lighter lined cotton interior helps you quickly find what you need, while the interior slip pocket, zipped pocket, and key leash keep everything organized. The super-elegant, sleek lines make for a workplace-friendly, yet trendy design.

Cork Leather CrossbodyVegan Crossbody in Zebra Cork Leather

Smart work satchels versus chic crossbody bags. What to choose? Sometimes it's difficult to stick with just one work bag. If you want a bag for the lighter load days, the new Crossbody can easily fit everything you need to carry with you on a daily basis. The best part: none of these bags are made from real animal skins. Just good old cork leather.


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